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Linen conspiracy

I wanted a new doona cover. I had a gift card for Myer. The rest was easy, right? Wrong. Myer had a lovely Sheridan cover on display, which I liked immediately. I was already congratulating myself on my shopping efficiency … Continue reading

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When mothers struggle

There was a day several years ago – just after I had been bullied out of a management position and was obviously feeling a tad unbalanced – when with grim determination I set out to create a perfect parenting day, … Continue reading

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Boys in da hood

I’ve just come back from Savers (a huge chain of recycled clothes stores) where I was hunting for hoodies for my four teenage boys. It turns out last year’s hoodies are either: 1. Too small – fair enough they’re growing … Continue reading

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A nasty little secret….

What I’m about to share with you is not something of which I’m proud; it’s a nasty, grimy, dirty little secret. But I can no longer keep it to myself; I have to let the truth out and try to … Continue reading

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Bad girls

Young women are increasingly becoming involved in risk-taking behaviour Crime chic is the newest fad in Hollywood where a brush with the law seems de rigueur for the hard-living party girls of the A list, many of whom can now … Continue reading

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Life among the dead

Kevin Scheele is matter-of-fact about the business of living and dying; after all he worked and lived amid the quarter-of-a-million dead people interred at the Melbourne General Cemetery (MGC) for thirty-three years. And there’s nothing like spending your days surrounded … Continue reading

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How to live to 100

Want to live to one hundred? Your chances are better than ever as the centenarian population explodes worldwide amid expectations it will quadruple in the next decade. And we’re not only likely to live longer, but also enjoy greater health … Continue reading

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