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Shades of Ugliness

You know the worst thing about Fifty Shades of Grey? It’s not just that it’s an appalling affront to basic intelligence, with its awkward writing, cringe-worthy clichés and constantly repeated phrases. It’s not that it was originally written as an … Continue reading

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A small death

Winter wind lashed her skinny legs and soil caked black and ugly beneath her nails as she dug the grave. The grave for her doll. She chose a spot at the edge of her dad’s vegie garden, where the weeds … Continue reading

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I bought a new notebook today. It’s small and red with a butterfly on the front. I don’t need it. I already have dozens of half-scribbled-in notebooks scattered around the house. They’re tucked into my handbags, buried in my bedside … Continue reading

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Lost for words

I’ve been making pies – lots of pies. Sweet potato, fetta and caramelised onion, meat and vegies, chicken and egg-and-bacon. I must have made three dozen in the past week. I haven’t created this cooking frenzy just to feed the … Continue reading

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The end of days

He’s slipping away. From me. From us. I make inane small talk to ease the tension; ease my discomfort, my sadness at the space that gasps between us. I try to embroider the edges of the hole with meaningless chat, … Continue reading

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The lull after the storm

I’m having a lull. A flat spot. A pause. I don’t like it. I feel paralysed and directionless, dull and purposeless. I’ve always worked. I got my first job when I was 14, working in a deli at the local … Continue reading

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Linen conspiracy

I wanted a new doona cover. I had a gift card for Myer. The rest was easy, right? Wrong. Myer had a lovely Sheridan cover on display, which I liked immediately. I was already congratulating myself on my shopping efficiency … Continue reading

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