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The lull after the storm

I’m having a lull. A flat spot. A pause. I don’t like it. I feel paralysed and directionless, dull and purposeless. I’ve always worked. I got my first job when I was 14, working in a deli at the local … Continue reading

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When mothers struggle

There was a day several years ago – just after I had been bullied out of a management position and was obviously feeling a tad unbalanced – when with grim determination I set out to create a perfect parenting day, … Continue reading

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Boys in da hood

I’ve just come back from Savers (a huge chain of recycled clothes stores) where I was hunting for hoodies for my four teenage boys. It turns out last year’s hoodies are either: 1. Too small – fair enough they’re growing … Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice

“RUBY’S the best in the class,” I murmur and then look around guiltily hoping no-one heard me. After all there’s no need to make the mums at gymnastics feel bad just because my five-year-old is so obviously ahead of the … Continue reading

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Not too posh to push

Are you too posh to push? If caesareans are good enough for celebrity mums such as Angelina and Gwyneth, then why not you too? After all, a caesarean is safer, easier and more convenient – isn’t it? Read on for … Continue reading

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Things that go bump in the night -managing sleep terrors

As the youngest of four children Ollie was a great sleeper; after all he needed to fit in and be easygoing in such a big family. But everything changed when he began having violent night terrors at the age of … Continue reading

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Can cold soccer mornings change the world?

In the biting cold of a Sunday morning we’re pumped. Jogging on the spot we limber up for the game; eyes on the field, nerves tense and hearts pumping. The whistle blows and our kids start running. “Go for it … Continue reading

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