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Shades of Ugliness

You know the worst thing about Fifty Shades of Grey? It’s not just that it’s an appalling affront to basic intelligence, with its awkward writing, cringe-worthy clichés and constantly repeated phrases. It’s not that it was originally written as an … Continue reading

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The lull after the storm

I’m having a lull. A flat spot. A pause. I don’t like it. I feel paralysed and directionless, dull and purposeless. I’ve always worked. I got my first job when I was 14, working in a deli at the local … Continue reading

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How to live to 100

Want to live to one hundred? Your chances are better than ever as the centenarian population explodes worldwide amid expectations it will quadruple in the next decade. And we’re not only likely to live longer, but also enjoy greater health … Continue reading

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Spendthrift or tightwad? What’s your shopping style?

Thirty-two year old sales representative Luke Cooper is a self-confessed tightwad who works two jobs, owns an investment property and lives as cheaply as possible. He dislikes spending money unlike Melbourne fashion model Susannah Murray; a shopaholic with eight wardrobes … Continue reading

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The bloke is back

Stand aside metrosexuals and SNAGS; the bloke is back and he’s ready to man up. In the second decade of the millennium blokes are embracing manliness with pride – and an eye on good grooming. Real men it seems, can … Continue reading

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Lonely? Why not rent a friend?

Twenty-year-old Melbourne man Matthew Chambers is a part-time actor and comedian who enjoys meeting new people and making them laugh. Matthew is also one of Australia’s first friends for rent. Friendship for hire is one of the newest web trends … Continue reading

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