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I bought a new notebook today. It’s small and red with a butterfly on the front. I don’t need it. I already have dozens of half-scribbled-in notebooks scattered around the house. They’re tucked into my handbags, buried in my bedside … Continue reading

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I saw a leaf let go today, saw it make up its mind, consider its options and then recognise its fate by loosening its hold on the branch, and wafting gently, slowly to the ground to face whatever nature had … Continue reading

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Still dancing….

It’s the dancing that June Middleton misses the most; the Saturday nights spent “tripping the light fantastic” at the local hall in the arms of her sweetheart, Noel. In early 1949 the pair was engaged and planning a December wedding, … Continue reading

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Where I write

I’ve moved my office this week. From the pokey back room with no view and mottled shag pile, I’ve relocated to our big timber kitchen table, which fills one end of the living room. From here I have large windows … Continue reading

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